Welcome to NaviKnow…..

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in a sandwich shop in Brooklyn enjoying a meal and drink while reading a guidance document on dispersion modeling (yes, I am dedicated). I went through a paragraph or two describing the proper procedures to follow. It wasn’t clear the first read through, so I read it over and over and over again. I thought to myself, who wrote this? So I read it again. The words and phrases started to sound familiar to me. Then it occurred to me; I had written this guidance years ago.

Moving from a regulatory environment to the consulting world involved an unconscious change in perspective. As a regulator, my concern was to explain what the rules and regulations meant. As a consultant, I need access to information and tools to keep my clients happy while following the rules and regulations. The difference sounds subtle, but it was a big epiphany for me.

My mission now is to provide not just guidance on what the rules and regulations are, but guidance on how to put the rules and regulations into action. Rather than explaining to you what all the traffic signs mean, I am going to strap you in behind the wheel and direct you from point A to point B without getting a ticket.