10 Tips to Save Time and Money – FREE WEBINAR

When a task needs to be done, most people want to just dive in and start doing something right away. The sooner you start doing, the sooner you will be finished, right? Well, not always. A better outcome, which is quicker, less expensive, and of higher quality, results if a well thought out and vetted plan was developed and carried out by disciplined and competent people who exercise their discretion and judgment. Click on this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=UYrNXVdZq7Y) to view a video that demonstrates exactly what I mean.

Dispersion modeling involves a lot of steps and can take a long time to complete. There is a compulsion to take shortcuts and do things quickly, just to get a result fast. However, most of the time the desire to get a quick result leads to a disastrous outcome. Avoid calamity by coming to the Dispersion Modeling Best Practices: 10 Tips To Save Time and Money webinar brought to you by NaviKnow.

On November 13th at noon CST, we will list, describe, demonstrate, and explain how 10 simple practices in compiling your model input can significantly expedite the air quality analysis review. These tips do require a little bit of planning and forethought, but the return on your time investment is well worth it. Space is limited, so act now. You do not want to miss out on this FREE, LIVE, and value-packed webinar mini-course brought to you by NaviKnow.

Though there is no substitute for being in on the Live webinar (with attendee questions, answers, and comments), if something comes up last minute or a conflict is already in your calendar, register anyway, as all registrants will receive a link to a replay of the webinar. Our materials are always available on YOUR time, but you have to register. 

Mark November 13th at noon (CST) on your calendar. We guarantee you will receive tremendous value for your time.