NaviKnow was formed by Robert Opiela and Layne Robinson. They bring together industry-leading Experience and software development Expertice. Together, they have created a product unlike any other in the industry.


In my 20 year career with the TCEQ, my priority was to give guidance on dispersion modeling, so customers could provide an air quality analysis that the agency could approve. With decreasing agency resources and increasing regulatory demands, review timeframes were becoming extremely important for the agency and its customers. To expedite the review process while increasing the quality, I designed and developed tools to standardize and automate the review of air quality modeling analyses. The result was a more comprehensive and efficient process for agency staff and expeditious reviews for the regulated community.

From what I learned as a regulator, I wanted to provide the same level of automation for those compiling air quality analyses to submit to the TCEQ. Since I designed the system, I know the specifications and content necessary to take advantage of TCEQ’s system to quickly review and approve your analysis.


I have always had a fascination with computers ever since my parents brought home a Commodore 64 when I was in 5th grade. I taught myself how to program and loved how a computer could be instructed to solve complex problems. That passion for programming and problem solving led me to 20+ a career in the IT industry.

As a consultant and software architect, I have gathered the expertise leverage modern techniques to build AQI, a system unlike any other on the market.