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  • Be An Expert. Be Prepared

    Be An Expert. Be Prepared

    Being called upon to be an expert witness can be a career achievement. If you are not prepared, it can be a career set back. On August 4th, 2021 at noon CDT, join us for a FREE LIVE webinar as we share our experiences and advice on how you can be a formidable expert witness […]

  • Be Explicit, But Don’t Double Count

    Be Explicit, But Don’t Double Count

    To demonstrate compliance with the NAAQS, you need to account for ALL emission sources. The impact of those sources that is not already included in the monitored background concentrations need to be explicitly included in your dispersion modeling analysis. How do you determine which sources are included in the monitored values and which ones are […]

  • Give Yourself Flexibility

    Give Yourself Flexibility

    Golfers typically use a variety of clubs: a putter, a driver or two, and a pitching wedge. You could get by with just one club, but why limit yourself. When representing, say, a boiler in your dispersion modeling analysis, why represent the boiler in just one way if it can burn a variety of fuels. […]

  • Modeling The Unplanned

    Modeling The Unplanned

    Unplanned events happen. Things break. Equipment fails. If the unexpected incident triggers 30 TAC 101.201 of the “emission event rules” then you may be required to perform dispersion modeling. On July 14th, 2021 at noon CDT, join us for a FREE LIVE webinar as we explain the nuances and details to be aware of to […]

  • If At First You Don’t Succeed, Refine

    If At First You Don’t Succeed, Refine

    To simplify, and expedite an air quality analysis (AQA), a rough first pass is typical when performing dispersion modeling. If the first pass doesn’t show compliance, additional refinements are in order. When trying to demonstrate compliance with the NO2 1-hour NAAQS, there are quite a few refinement options available. On July 7th, 2021 at noon […]

  • NOx Shouldn’t Mean No

    NOx Shouldn’t Mean No

    When the 1-hour nitrogen dioxide (NO2) NAAQS became effective in 2010, demonstrating compliance with the NO2 NAAQS, became a whole lot more difficult. Passing the annual standard was almost no problem at all, but the 1-hour standard was a bit problematic. On June 30th, 2021 at noon CDT, join us forĀ  a FREE LIVE webinar […]

  • A $1,000 Saved is a $1,000 Earned

    A $1,000 Saved is a $1,000 Earned

    In business, the most important performance metric is the bottom line. Though market forces are beyond your control, the one factor that is within your control is productivity (product per time). If you could produce the same amount of product in less time, what would it be worth to you? From my own experience and […]