Available Data

We’ve gathered data from NOAA, NWS, USGS, EPA, and TCEQ among others.

  • Surface observations from NOAA (worldwide)
  • Upper air sourndings from NOAA (worldwide)
  • Automated Surface Observice System (ASOS) data from NWS (USA)
  • Process meteorological datasets for AERMOD (various state agencies)
  • National Elevation Dataset (NED) from USGS
  • National Land Cover Datasets (NLCD) from USGS
Administrative Boundaries
  • US Counties and Tribal Lands
  • Legislative Districts (Texas only)
  • Municipalities (Texas only)
  • Land Parcels (Texas only)
Air Quality
  • EPA Class I Areas
  • EPA Non-attainment Areas
  • Air Quality Control Regions for PSD (various states)